How to beat da cheeks son Edit

Squat hoot


The RiseEdit

The Rise refer 

The Lockdown Edit

This is ther34f4rgt third and current phase of the 3PACalyprfmr,ose where 3PAC and his ar43t35g5my seek to take down all hoot givers.  The phase brf3f5gfegan with the34rt5t5 takedown of Lil B (AKA The Based Hoot Giver) but has now since moved on to Wiz Khalifa (AKA Wizkhahootgiver), the Zjhbhgh33HG then went on to the bbjlknklnknkjlk likes of Soulja Bitch, Wack Miller, and Wacklehoot and still continue to take down hoot givers. 8=============================D

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